June 13, 2022


 The Midvaal Local Municipality: Engineering Services, would like to draw your attention to the following sections and sub-sections of the Electricity bylaws: 

  • • Section 26(1) No person shall in any manner or for any reason whatsoever tamper or interfere with any meter or metering equipment or service connection or service protective device or supply mains or any other equipment of the Municipality. 
  • • Section 26(2) Where prima facie evidence exits of a consumer and / or any person having contravened sub-section (1), the Municipality shall have the right to disconnect the supply of electricity immediately and without prior notice to the consumer. The person shall be liable for all fees and charges levied by the Municipality for such disconnection. 
  • • Section 26(3) Where a consumer and/or any person has contravened sub-section (1) and such contravention has resulted in the meter recording less than the true consumption, the Municipality shall have the right to recover from the consumer the full cost of his estimated consumption. 
  • • Section 29 No person other than a person specifically authorised thereto by the Municipality in writing shall directly or indirectly connect, attempt to connect, or cause or permit to be connected any electrical installation or part thereof to the supply main or services connection. 
  • • Section 30(1) No person other than a person specifically authorised thereto by the Municipality in writing shall reconnect, attempt to reconnect, or cause or permit to be reconnected to the supply mains or service connection any electrical installation or installations which has or have been disconnected by Municipality. 
  • • Section 30(2) where the supply of electricity that has previously been disconnected is found to have been reconnected, the consumer using the supply of electricity shall be liable for all charges for electricity consumed between the date of disconnection and the date the electricity supply was found to be reconnected and any other changes raised in this regard. Furthermore, the Municipality reserves the right to remove part or all of the supply equipment until such time as payment has been received in full. In addition, the consumer will be responsible for all the cost associated with the reinstatement of such supply equipment. 

In terms of the above-mentioned sections and sub-sections, the Midvaal community is therefore advised that failure to comply with any conditions of the Electricity by-laws and this notice, constitutes an offence, which is punishable by law with a fine of R14 597-68. 

Please contact Midvaal’s Call Centre on 0861 643 8225 (0861MIDVAAL), should you have any further queries in this regard.