Media Statement: 13 April 2022 

 Residents of Midvaal will, this month, have an opportunity to express their opinion, views, and comments on the spatial vision and future economic development trajectory of the municipality for the next 5 years. A series of meetings will be held across the municipality to present the draft Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and to listen to the inputs from communities and stakeholders. “The Spatial Development Framework will help to determine the economic and spatial future of Midvaal for the next 5 years,” says the Executive Mayor, Alderman Peter Teixeira. “It will indicate where future housing developments will be located, which investments to be attracted, and which economic sectors should be stimulated to ensure economic growth and job creation. “We want communities in Midvaal to give their input and contribute to the initiatives that will ensure our municipality continues to be one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Gauteng,” he says. All municipalities in the country are required to produce updated spatial development frameworks every five years. This document will shape Council policies and determine the allocation of resources together with the annual Integrated Development Plan. “Midvaal is a dynamic municipality, and our strategies need to reflect the changing nature of economic activities and human settlement patterns,” says Mayor Teixeira. Major transport routes such as the R59 and the R82 are attracting new economic activities as well as human settlements. Households want to live closer to economic and social opportunities and future growth strategies need to accommodate this. At the same time, the nature of economic activity in the region is changing as manufacturing, which has been a major economic driver in the past, continues to decline. To stay ahead of the economic curve Midvaal will have to attract investments in ‘sunrise sectors’ with potential for growth such as tourism, logistics, construction, and Agri-processing. 

A well-defined spatial development framework will also ensure that housing and human settlements are located close to transport corridors and have sufficient access to commercial opportunities and government services. 

“We want to make sure that the future Midvaal grows in a planned and balanced manner and that no community is excluded from our participatory processes,” says Mayor Teixeira.  

The entire April has been set aside for public consultations and community engagements as per the table below:




9th April 


Kliprivier SAPS (Marquee Tent) 

12th April 

09:00 – 14:00 

Stakeholder Open Day – Meyerton Town Hall 

19th April 


Meyerton Town Hall 

20th April 


O’Connor Hall 

21st April 


Walkerville Showgrounds 

23rd April 


Daleside Fire House Gym 

25th April 


De Deur Primary School 

26th April 


Sicelo Hall 

Communities and stakeholders are welcome to attend any meeting. Comments on the Draft Spatial Development Framework will be collected at the various meetings and may also be sent to by 6th May 2022. 

For media enquiries, please contact: 

Thuto Tiheli 

Social Media Officer 

016 360 7608 or 


Media Statement: Update on the Housing Development by Nta Property Developers on Portion 116 of the Farm Elandsfontein 334 IQ. 

Media Statement: 09 March 2022

Midvaal Local Municipality has received numerous enquiries from members of the public regarding the attached “City Report” relating to the illegal housing development on Portion 116 of the Farm Elandsfontein 334 IQ.

The Municipality would like to inform members of the public that the housing development on Portion 116 of the Farm Elandsfontein 334 IQ remains illegal.

Ntha Property Developers and the Midvaal Local Municipality are currently undergoing legal processes on the said housing development. At this point in time, an interdict and demolition application lodged with the High Court is pending before the Court.

No judgement has been passed by the Court. As such, the headlines of the attached “City Report” are false and misleading.

The Developer still needs to follow the required processes to submit a formal Township Establishment and Building Plan application to the Midvaal Local Municipality for consideration to ensure legislative compliance. Presently, no such application or approvals have been granted by the Municipality.

Residents are still advised to refrain from purchasing any stands or houses in the said developments as the development remains illegal.

 For media enquiries, please contact:

Jaqueline Baloyi

PR & Marketing

016 360 7627 or


Media Statement: Midvaal Local Municipality’s Executive Mayor has Aldermanship bestowed upon him and announces his Mayoral Committee members

Media Statement: 19 November 2021

On the 18th of November 2021, our Executive Mayor Ald Peter Teixeira was bestowed upon him by Councils Chief Whip Ald Phil Pretorius his Aldermanship at a special council sitting. The Executive Mayor also took the opportunity to announce his Mayoral Committee members to council.

His Mayoral Committee Members are as follows:

  • MMC for Financial Services: Ald P.D. Hutcheson
  • MMC for Development and Planning: Cllr M.I. Motsamai
  • MMC for Community Services: Cllr T.M. Modiba
  • MMC for Corporate Services: Cllr C.L. Gomes
  • MMC for Engineering Services: Cllr J.G. Viljoen

Our Executive Mayor would like to congratulate his new MMC on their appointments and requests that they exceed the expectations of the Midvaal residents that they serve through their various portfolios.





For media enquiries, please contact:

Kagiso Korae

Communication Officer

016 360 7488 or

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Media Statement: Midvaal Local Municipality’s newly formed Council elect the new Executive Mayor and Speaker of Council


Media Statement: 17 November 2021

Today, the newly formed Council of Midvaal elected into office the Executive Mayor, Cllr Peter Teixeira and the Speaker of Council, Cllr. Allan McLoughlin.

Midvaal Local Municipality Local Municipality would like to congratulate our newly elected Executive Mayor, Speaker and freshly constituted Council. We wish them well as they carry out their Constitutional duties and representational mandates. The Council also elected Ald. Phil Pretorius as its Chief Whip and the various Committees and the Chairpersons that will oversee them.

Our Newly elected Executive Mayor in his acceptance speech stated that: “I commit to serving every child, parent, teacher, housewife, street -sweeper, doctor and farmer. I pledge to work with you all to get things done to build a better future for our children. I thank you and may God bless Midvaal.”



For media enquiries, please contact:

Kagiso Korae

Communication Officer

016 360 7488 or

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Media Statement: NTHA Property Developers are at it again with another illegal housing development

Media Statement: 06 August 2021

Midvaal Local Municipality has been informed about another illegal residential development intended in Walkerville (Golf View Estate) by Ntha Property Developers.

Ntha Property Developers are currently advertising the sale of stands and houses for the envisioned Golf View Estate development from R350 000 to R418 000, and requesting buyers for a down payment of R150,000.

The Municipality has not received or approved any application for development for the Golf View Estate project. Moreover, there are no adequate municipal services to support the said development.

Community members face the risk of not securing transfer of properties after purchase since no formal processes have been followed. Communities who have bought into the similar illegal Ntha Property Developers development in Elandsfontein cannot obtain title deeds for the properties they bought. There is no supply of municipal water, electricity is connected fraudulently, no access routes and no proper sanitation. All of this, a result of an illegal development.

The Municipality wishes to inform all residents that the Golf View Estate project in Walkerville is illegal and will be taking legal action should the developer starts with construction work on the property.

Midvaal Local Municipality has a zero tolerance towards illegal housing developments that take advantage of vulnerable people in need of housing.

Over the past week, the Municipality has demolished 54 houses constructed illegally by Ntha Property Developers at Portion 116 Elandsfontein and has further removed 24 foundations and building materials from the site.

Members of the community are advised to refrain from purchasing stands or houses from Ntha Property Developers as they are taking advantage of the housing vulnerability within the Municipality.

The development is illegal, and it is the community who will suffer the consequences of this illegal development while the developer will be enjoying their hard-earned savings.


For media enquiries, please contact:

Kagiso Korae

Communication Officer

078 294 6765 or

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Media Statement: Demolition of illegal buildings and removal of building materials on portion 116 of the farm 334 IQ in Elandsfontein
Media Statement: 27 July 2021

Midvaal Local Municipality has over the past two years informed and warned members of the public about an illegal housing development taking place on Portion 116 of the Farm Elandsfontein 334 IQ by Ntha Property Developers.

The Developer of this illegal housing development (Ntha Property Developers) was requested by the Municipality to cease all construction activities and comply with the necessary Town Planning and Building Control development processes but failed to do so.

Due to the non-compliance, illegality and risks associated with this development, the Municipality followed the correct litigation processes and successfully obtained an order from the Court to demolish the illegal housing structures on site.

Today, various housing structures in this illegal housing development were demolished by the Municipality in conjunction with the Sherriff of the Court.

Midvaal Local Municipality has a zero tolerance towards illegal housing developments that take advantage of vulnerable people in need of housing.

These Developers do not want to follow due processes that ensures the safety of occupiers, availability of infrastructure and confirmation of structural suitability of the buildings for occupation by the Municipality.

Members of the public are urged to always confirm the status of any suspicious housing developments prior to purchasing with the Municipality, so that they do not fall prey to these Developers.


Cllr Lynda Parsonson

Development and Planning

Contact details: 016 360 7571 or Email:


For media enquiries, please contact:

Simon Ratlhagane

Media Liaison Officer

082 780 2345 or

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Re-opening Of Midvaal Local Municipality Public Facilities

Kindly be informed that Midvaal Local Municpality Public Facilities have been re-open for public access

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Finalisation of Request for Qualification (RFQ) process for the Electricity Distribution Services PPP

The Midvaal Local Municipality (MLM) is committed to responsible and transparent communication with its community and to update its community in respect of projects having an impact on them. Therefore, this notice serves to inform the community of MLM that the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process as the first stage of procuring a private sector party to finance, design, manage, operate and maintain the MLM Electricity Distribution Services for a period of 20 years has been successfully concluded with the selection of a shortlist of pre-qualified bidders for the Request for Proposal (RFP), the actual bidding process

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Call For Subsistence Producers & Farmers: In Midvaal To Apply For Financial Support From The Presidential Employment Stimulus Initiative

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Kindly be informed regarding safe disposal of glass waste

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Invitation for farmers and agricultural businesses to send proposals to lease council owned land for agricultural development

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Midvaal in collaboration with the Department of Small Business Development, Small Enterprise Finance Agency and Small Enterprise Development Agency invites all SMMEs and Informal Businesses to a workshop on Business Development & Compliance, and available Funding Opportunities within the Township Economy in Mamello Community Hall on 05 November 2020:

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Midvaal in collaboration with the Department of Small Business Development, Small Enterprise Finance Agency and Small Enterprise Development Agency invites all SMMEs and Informal Businesses to a workshop on Business Development & Compliance, and available Funding Opportunities within the Township Economy in Lakeside Community Hall on 04 November 2020:

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Please not that the Municipality complaints WhatsApp line: 064 582 6466 is no longer available and will be replaced by the My Midvaal App to be launched by end of October 2020.

As we continue to insource our call centre services. We would like to thank you for yor patience as we work on improving our customer services for you.

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Public Notice is hereby given that the Midvaal Local Municipality holds deposits that were paid into its bank account without any reference or name,

For more information: Download the Notice

MMC for Development & Planning, Cllr Motkete Motsamai, is committed to providing a platform for you to engage in planning processes amidst the restrictions placed on us all during the Covid-19 pandemic.



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