Refuse Removal/ Environmental Management

Please ensure that refuse is out by 7:30am on the morning it is to be collected.

Dumping Permits - Community Services Mr. Charles Nyalungu   016 360 7599

Refuse Removal Timetable Midvaal - download

Refuse Removal Timetable Vall Marina - download


Mrs. Elisa Serapelo
Tel No: 016 360 7639
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Water Quality Monitoring:
  • Done by the EHPs on a monthly bases.
  • Monitoring done on bore hole water and tap water.
  • At informal and formal settlements.
Food Control:
  • Done by the EHPs on a daily bases, at formal and informal food business.
Waste Management:
  • Done by the EHPs. Complaints are investigated by EHPs.
  • Complaints include:
  • Illegal dumping of all types of domestic waste
  • Illegal dumping of all types of building rubble.
  • Hazardous waste e.g. flammable liquids.

Cleaning of townships in co-operation with the waste section

Building plan approvals for waste management systems, to be in place.

Vector Control:
  • Done by private contractors after investigation by the EHPs
  • Flies, cockroaches, ants, mites, bees, rats and mice.
Health surveillance of premises:
  • Done by the EHPs on a daily bases.
  • Ensuring safe, clean and hygiene conditions at all times
  • Education and training to all staff members working in food premises.
Disposal of the dead:
  • In co-operation with the  park section at Midvaal.
  • Surveillance and prevention of communicable diseases.
  • Investigation by the EHPs in cooperation with Provincial Government.
  • Example of communicable diseases e.g. Malaria, bilharzias, Hiv/Aids,  poisoning, cholera outbreaks
Chemical Safety:
  • Complaints done by EHPs.
  • Co-operation with Sedibeng, Fire section, National Departments and Provincial Departments.
Environmental pollution control:
  • Public complaints, investigation feedback, resolving the complaints and a follow up.
The Environmental Health Section has the responsibility to monitor and maintain environmentally hygienic, safe and healthy conditions in the Midvaal area to prevent the occurrence of:
Any health nuisance (a condition, situation or state of affairs that endangers life or health or adversely affects the well being of a person or a community)

Mr. Jako Verster
Tel: 016 360 5860
 Cell: 082 7830057
 Fax Nr: 016 590 1008
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.