Electronic Account Statements

Electronic statements were introduced because:
• frequent postal strikes have led to delays in receiving statements and subsequent frustration from account holders;
• it is an effective, efficient and environmentally friendly system;
• statements can be delivered to all areas;
• it is aligned with the technology driven future where almost all residents have either access to email facility or a mobile telephone; and
• it is cost effective, which means we will be saving tax payers’ money.

Online Accounts

When logging in on this system for the first time, use your account number as the username and your password will be ''Pass#######!#" The # signifies your municipal account number.

Accounts will be updated by approximately the 25th of each month

Monthly accounts can be viewed at constellationrms.com

MMS Statements

The MMS method was introduced in March 2014; however the email facility has already been in operation for a while. The Municipality currently has a database of account-holders to whom an MMS and/or email can be sent and has embarked on a campaign to encourage residents to register on the system.
To register:
• Visit the Enquiries Desk at the Finance Department with your account number and contact details.
• Send us an email including your account number and contact details to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• SMS your mobile telephone number and account number to 082 652 8962.
For more information:
Contact the Enquiries Desk on 016 360 7559 or 016 360 7458.