Ntha Property Developers are at it again with another Illegal Housing Development

Midvaal Local Municipality has been informed about another illegal residential development intended in Walkerville (Golf View Estate) by Ntha Property Developers.

Ntha Property Developers are currently advertising the sale of stands and houses for the envisioned Golf View Estate development from R350 000 to R418 000, and requesting buyers for a down payment of R150,000.

The Municipality has not received or approved any application for development for the Golf View Estate project. Moreover, there are no adequate municipal services to support the said development.

Community members face the risk of not securing transfer of properties after purchase since no formal processes have been followed. Communities who have bought into the similar illegal Ntha Property Developers development in Elandsfontein cannot obtain title deeds for the properties they bought. There is no supply of municipal water, electricity is connected fraudulently, no access routes and no proper sanitation. All of this, a result of an illegal development.

The Municipality wishes to inform all residents that the Golf View Estate project in Walkerville is illegal and will be taking legal action should the developer starts with construction work on the property.

Midvaal Local Municipality has a zero tolerance towards illegal housing developments that take advantage of vulnerable people in need of housing.

Over the past week, the Municipality has demolished 54 houses constructed illegally by Ntha Property Developers at Portion 116 Elandsfontein and has further removed 24 foundations and building materials from the site.

Members of the community are advised to refrain from purchasing stands or houses from Ntha Property Developers as they are taking advantage of the housing vulnerability within the Municipality.

The development is illegal, and it is the community who will suffer the consequences of this illegal development while the developer will be enjoying their hard-earned savings.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Kagiso Korae

Communication Officer

078 294 6765 or KagisoK@midvaal.gov.za




Land Use Application Consideration Turnaround Time

Midvaal Local Municipality is constantly looking at innovative and creative interventions to improve the quality of service it gives to its communities. Red tape and prolonged processes have been identified as deterrents to improved and effective service delivery provision to the community. In an effort to reduce turnaround times and improve efficiency in the consideration of land use applications, the Development and Planning Department is implementing a turnaround time of 8 months to evaluate land use applications. Therefore, all authorized agents/applicants are advised and encouraged to ensure that the applications are complete and ready for evaluation.




Government Call on Citizens 35 years and Older to Register for COVID-19 Vaccination

Registering to get vaccinated is easy! Citizens aged 35 year and above can register or walk in for thier COVI-19 vaccination.

Vaccine will be administrated for free at point of service.

Replacement of Meters for TID Compliance Rollover Project

This notice serves to inform all Midvaal resident about the TID Compliance rollover project that Engineering Services department is currently undertaking. All standard Transfer Specification (STS) prepaid electrical meters will be affected by TID roll over on the 24th November 2024. Any tokes generated after this date and utilizing the 24-bit TID, calculated on base date 1913, will be rejected by the meters as bind old tokens as the TID value encoded in the token will have reset back to 0.




Midvaal Local Municipality Receives Seventh Consecutive Clean Audit for 2019/2020 Financial Year.

The Midvaal Local Municipality has received a clean audit outcome for the 2019/20 financial year, according to the Auditor General of South Africa (AG). This is the 7th consecutive clean audit that the municipality has received since 2013, when Executive Mayor Bongani Baloyi commence his term of office.

A clean audit refers to a financially unqualified opinion by the AG, indicating that each of the financial records provided by the municipality have no material findings or misrepresentations, and are in accordance with the law and regulations relating to spending on public funds. Most important, clean audit is symbolic of a continued commitment to render service effectively, efficiently, and timeously to the residence of Midvaal.

Midvaal Local Municipality remains the best performing municipality in Gauteng province, and continue to receive countless awards on clean governance and the most sustainable municipality. “The clean audit status reaffirms that we are committed to ensuring good governance and have a team of diligent and honest municipal staff, including senior officials, who work hard in ensuring that there is regular monitoring and evaluation,” said The Executive Mayor, Bongani Baloyi.

The Executive Mayor wishes to dedicate this achievement to all municipal staff for their commitment towards ensuring good governance and maintaining the sustainability of the municipality. The AG report serves as a reminder that our mandate is to continue diligently and pro-actively serve the people of Midvaal.


For media enquiries, please contact:

Simon Ratlhagane

Media Liaison Officer: Office of the Executive Mayor

082 780 2345


DOWNLOAD Media Statement clean audit 2019 2020


Midvaal Local Municipality Continues to Scoop More Awards for Sterling Performance.

Midvaal Local Municipality was awarded the Golden Arrow award by PMR Africa at Meyerton , Sedibeng district, Gauteng province.

This honour is awarded to municipalities and public entities that do the most to:

  • combat crime;
  • Job creation;
  • Clean environment;
  • Infrastructure development
  • Attract investment; and
  • Social Upliftment.

The Executive Mayor, Bongani Baloyi also tops the shortlist and was awarded the most pro-active mayor award in Sedibeng District.

The awards are the culmination of research processes whereby companies and institutions are rated based on respondents’ perceptions with a strong focus on evaluating and measuring customer service and customer satisfaction.

“Service delivery is in our priority list, our commitment is to the residents of Midvaal Local Municipality,” said the Executive Mayor.

The municipality will continue to hold its employees and its political custodians accountable while promoting stable governance and furthering the interest of the residence of Midvaal.



For media enquiries, please contact:

Simon Ratlhagane

Media Liaison Officer

082 780 2345 or SimonR@midvaal.gov.za

DOWNLOAD: Media Statement clean audit 2019 2020