Year 2021
  • Midvaal Local Municipality(MLM) is rated the most Financially sustainable Municipality in the country by Ratings Afrika in its latest annual report for the Municipal Financial Sustainability Index 2021 (MFSI) for the financial results of the 100 largest local municipalities, plus the 8 metros in South Africa.
Year 2020
  •  Midvaal Local Municipality was awarded the Golden Arrow award by PMR Africa on the 24th of March 2021, Sedibeng District, Gauteng province. This honour is awarded to municipalities doing the most in the following sectors: social upliftment, attracting foreign investment, clean environment, to develop and enhancing infrastructure over the past 12 months in the Sedibeng Region.
Year 2019
  • Midvaal Local Municipality has been recognised as one of the entities that have been able to create jobs, attract investments, combat crime, and promote social upliftment.
  • This was certified by Gold Arrow Award, received at the recent PMR Africa Awards.
  • Outstanding 1st overall for municipalities doing most:
  • For social upliftment, to attract foreign investment, to attract local investment,
  • Municipalities doing the most to fight crime, to develop and enhance infrastructure.
Year 2018
  • The most proactive Mayor in the Sedibeng area.
  • Municipalities doing the most:
  • For job creation, social upliftment, to clean the environment and to fight crime.
  • Municipalities do the most to attract foreign and local investment, to develop and enhance infrastructure.

Year 2016

  • In 2016, Midvaal received two Awards - a Golden Arrow Award for excellence in the category “doing the most towards attracting investment and for job creation” and a Diamond Arrow Award for 1st place in the category “doing the most for social upliftment, to attract foreign investment, to fight crime, to develop and enhance infrastructure and to clean the environment". 
Year 2015
  • Midvaal received the 1st place award in the category Overall Service to Residents by Municipalities for the 2015 awards.
Year 2014
  • Midvaal Local Municipality won the award for “The institution doing the most to clean the environment” in the 2014 Sedibeng Regional Survey Business Excellence Awards, conducted by PMR.Africa.