Local Laws and Policies


Anti-Fraud and corruption policy - download

Budget policies

Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy - download

Property Rates Policy - download

Tariff Policy - download

Cash Management Policy - download

Investment Policy - download

Borrowing Policy - download

Funding and Reserves Policy - download

Asset Management Policy - download

Policy On Planning And Approval Of Capital Projects - download

Policy On The Acceptance Of Grants, Gifts, Donations And Sponsorships - download

Long Term Financial Planning Policy - download

Disposal Of Assets -  download

Budget Implementation And Monitoring Policy -  download

Unauthorised, Irregular, Fruit & Wasteful Expenditure Policy - download

Midvaal - Infrastructure Procurement And Delivery Management Policy - 11.05.2018 - download


Promulgated by-laws

Credit control / Debt collection by-laws - download

Cemetery and crematoria by-laws - download

Culture and recreation by-laws - download

Electrical by-laws - download

Fire safety by-law - download

Fireworks by-laws - download

Midvaal Land Use Scheme - download

Midvaal Spatial Planning and Land Use Management - download

Outdoor advertising by-law - download

Property Rates by-laws - download

Public amenities by-laws - download

Public open spaces by-laws - download

Rates by-laws - download

Sanitation services by-laws - download

Standing orders - download

Street trading by-laws - download

Tariffs by-laws - download

Town Hall by-laws - download

Waste management by-law - download

Water services by-laws - download 

Amendment of by-laws 2012 (Electricity by-laws,Sanitation Services by-laws,Waste Management Waste Management by-laws, Public Open Space by-laws and Standing Orders by-laws) - download


Draft by-laws


Draft Development and Planning Policies

Draft Green Building Guidelines of Midvaal Local Municipality - download

Draft Green Building Policy of Midvaal - Implementation Plan - download

Draft Informal Trading By-Law - download

Draft Informal Trading Policy - download

Draft Midvaal CBD Urban Design Framework - download

Draft Review of the Midvaal Nodal Policy - download

Draft Development Incentive and Retention Policy - download