Integrated Development Plan (IDP) & Spatial Development Framework (SDF)

Since the first democratic elections in South Africa in 1994, the nature and functions of municipalities changed drastically, with more emphasis being placed on the developmental role of local authorities. Developmental local government means a commitment to working with citizens to find sustainable ways to meet their social, economic and material needs to improve the quality of their lives. A duty is also placed on local authorities to ensure that development policies and legislation are implemented. Preference must therefore be given to this duty when managing the administrative and budgetary processes of the municipality.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996) commits government to take reasonable measures, within its available resources, to ensure that all South Africans have access to adequate housing, health care, education, food, water and social security. The current goal of municipalities is to establish a planning process which is aimed at the redress of the imbalances created by the apartheid era. Developmental local government can only be realised through integrated development planning and specifically the compilation of an Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

2018/2019 Review

Draft IDP Document 2018/2019 - download

Draft IDP Document 2018/2019 (Annexure A) - download

Draft IDP Document 2018/2019 (Annexure B Part 1) - download

Draft IDP Document 2018/2019 (Annexure B Part 2) - download

Draft IDP Document 2018/2019 (Annexure B Part 3) - download

3rd Council Agenda - 22-03-2018 - Item - Draft IDP 2018-2019 - download

Extract for the 3rd Council Mtng -22-03-2018 - download

2018 IDP Meeting Dates - download

Midvaal 2018 / 2019 IDP Process Plan - download


2017/2022 (5 Year IDP)

2017-2018 IDP and Budget Formulation Key Deadlines as approved by Council: Download

Final IDP 2017-2022 - download (247mb)

IDP Council Resolution - download

Document sub-sections

Final IDP 2017 - 2022 (IDP only) - download

Annexure A: unfunded projects - download

Annexure B: SDF - download

Annexure C: Disaster Management Plan - download

Annexure D: LED Strategy - download

Annexure E: De Deur Precinct Plan - download

Annexure F: Walkerville Precinct Plan - download

Annexure G: Doornkuil Precinct Plan - download

Annexure H: Human Settlements Plan - download

Annexure I: MEC Comments - download

Annexure J: Response to MEC Comments - download

Draft IDP 2017/2018 - download (328mb)


Final IDP & SDF 2016/2017 - download

Extract: Council Resolution - download

Draft IDP & SDF 2016/2017 - download

Extract: Council Resolution - download


IDP 2015/16 & SDF 2015/16download

Draft IDP & SDF 2015/2016 - download


IDP 2014/15 & SDF 2014/15 download

Proposed amendment to Chapter 4 - download

2013-2018 IDP - download

Annexure A - Unfunded projects - download
Annexure B - Draft SDF - downloads
Annexure C - Disaster management plan - download
Annexure D - Draft LED strategy - download
Annexure E - Risk Register - download
Annexure F - Policy register - download



Draft Midvaal Agricultural Growth Strategy 2016

Midvaal Spatial Development Framework 2013 - 2014

Midvaal Central Region Spatial Development Framework

Midvaal Eastern Region Spatial Development Framework

Midvaal Western Region Spatial Development Framework

Midvaal CBD Precinct Plan - Jan 2011

Tedderfield Precinct Plan - Jan 2011

Waterval Precinct Plan - Jan 2011

Elandsfontein Precinct Plan -  May 2013

Sicelo Precinct Plan - Dec 2010

R59 Strategic Development for the R59 Coridor - July 2010 - download 

Midvaal Accommodation Policy Draft Report - Jan 2011

Midvaal Agricultural Policy Drafts Report - Jan 2011

Midvaal Density Policy 2011 - Jan 2011



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3rd Council Agenda - 22-03-2018 - Item - Draft IDP 2018-2019