Financial Policies and By-Laws for 2014/2015

Financial policies and by-laws for 2014/2015

Tariffs 2014/2015 - download
Tariff Policy -  download
Tariff By-laws - download
Rates By-laws - downlaod
Property Rates Policy - download
Credit control and Debt Collection Policy - download
Credit control and Debt collection By-laws - download
Cash Management Policy - download
Investment Policy - download
Borrowing Policy - downlaod
Budget  Implementation and Monitoring Policy  - download
Payment of Bulk Contributions Policy - download
Municipal Supply Chain Management Policy and Procedures - download
Funding and Reserve Policy - download
Asset Management Policy - download
Asset Disposal Policy - download
Policy on the Planning and Approval of Capital Projects - download
Indigents Policy -  download
Policy: provision of free basic water - download
Free Basic Electricity Policy - download
Policy on the Acceptance of Grants, Donations, Sponsorships and Gifts - download
Long Term Financial Planning Policy - download
Local Procurement Policy - download
Un-Authorised, Irregular, Fruitless and Wasteful Expenditure Policy - download