Sicelo Protest Update 07 September 2017

The municipality wishes to convey its deepest condolences to the Sicelo family who have lost their child due to the on-going protest action.

We condemn the current protest action as it is violent and criminal causing more harm and now loss of an innocent life. Protesters have no right to damage property, intimidate other community members, engage in criminal activities and prevent other members from accessing municipal or government services. The South African Police Services and Public Order Policing are urged to act against these act of criminality with utmost urgency.

During our budget meetings, the municipality together with the community, unanimously agreed to improve infrastructure in the Sicelo informal settlement area which has been budgeted for accordingly to be implemented this financial year. The municipality has been stopped from continuing with its infrastructure plans which is going to benefit the community by the self-elected community leaders. It has also came to light that foreign nationals are now at the fore-front of the protest causing mayhem and violence in the area. These self-elected community leaders cannot claim to represent the community if their actions result in loss of innocent lives, intimidation and crime.

We wish to call on our Sicelo community to stand united against the so called community leaders who have not been legally appointed and are not representing the needs of the community but are advancing their own selfish reasons which will not yield any positive benefit to our community.