Applications For Mining Permits And Licenses By The Department Of Mineral Resources (DMR) In And Around Midvaal Local Municipality

MIDVAAL LOCAL MUNICIPALITY has been made aware of numerous applications for prospecting licenses, mining permits and mining licenses for a variety of commodities by a variety of applicants not only in Midvaal Local Municipality’s area of jurisdiction, but also in adjoining municipalities.

Midvaal is vigorously opposing the granting of mining permits and rights to exploit the environment for short term financial gain. The Midvaal vision “To inclusively serve the needs of our community” requires that all decisions, from the utilisation of scarce resources, to enabling economic growth, to the utilisation of and granting of land use rights, be made whilst taking the environmental integrity and agricultural potential of the immediate environment into consideration.  

It is the eked out saying “We did not inherit the earth form our parents; we are borrowing it from our children” that comes to mind. We understand the growing demand for minerals and other natural commodities, and as a legacy within the South African economy, is often expressed as an over dependence of mining as the cornerstone of a supply driven economy. It is our view that long term sustainability of communities lies within the strengthening of the value-chain resulting in higher levels of beneficiation that will benefit more people locally for longer.

The municipality is only a stakeholder when it comes to the granting or declining of mining permits and licenses. That is why we are embracing the opportunity granted to us through the new Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, wherein mining is categorised as a land use as with any other land use.

Peter Teixeira, MMC for Development & Planning, said in a statement that the approach of Midvaal Local Municipality is transparent, and readers are welcome to download the full objection that the municipality has lodged against Ngwenya Mining’s proposed Magnetite Mine here.

Image: Freepik Stock