On 3 June 2019, the Executive Mayor Cllr Bongani Baloyi has handed out bursaries, through the Mayoral Student Assistant Scheme, to four of the fourteen deserving learners across Midvaal to pursue their dreams of studying in institutions of higher learning.

In the build up to the Inaugural Mayoral Youth Summit, the Executive Mayor has extended an invitation to all Mayoral Student Assistant Scheme bursary recipients to take part in the summit. This is to motivate young people in and around Midvaal to take their studies serious.

One of the bursary recipient, Zodwa Ndlovu, was overwhelmed by this initiative and expressed gratitude to the Executive Mayor. “I’m very grateful to the Mayor of Midvaal. This is a great initiative and I hope that many young people will benefit from this” said Zodwa.

Other recipients also shared their touching but humble beginnings with the Executive Mayor and further expressed their gratefulness for what the municipality has done for them.

After listening to their different emotive life stories, the Executive Mayor Cllr Bongani Baloyi said that their stories are touching but yet inspiring. “I can only wish you all the best and encourage you to pursue your drams. One thing I like about you is that, your dreams are driven by passion and not linked with money.

“All we need from you is your commitment to pursue your dreams and do your best.

“You are responsible for your own dreams, there is no any other person who can achieve your dreams for you” said Cllr Baloyi.

Midvaal is a youth biased municipality which pride itself with great youth investment and empowerment. Over the years, the municipality has invested over R1 million in education and youth empowerment. This year, the municipality continues to empower the youth of Midvaal through the Mayoral Student Assistant Scheme.

More of this kind of youth investment and empowerment initiatives will be launched during the Inaugural Mayoral Summit scheduled to take place at Midvaal Sports and Conference Centre on the 5th of June 2019.