Yesterday, 10 April 2019, I offered ANC VAAL region a free workshop on clean governance after they applied to march to Midvaal Local Municipality offices against corruption. I’m further than willing to assist them with more information on how to deal with corruption quickly and decisively.

Corner Klasie Havenga & Frikkie Meyer Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark is the place where ANC Vaal region MUST go to march against corruption.

One of the most important and urgent matters for the ANC-Vaal region to protest against is the vanished Evaton Renewal Project. This is where over R470 million was allocated by Gauteng COGTA for a housing project which would have benefitted the people of Residensia township in Emfuleni Municipality.

The displaced families deserve answers considering how their homes were demolished for a project which was never completed.

It is due to the actions of the corrupt and selfish ANC-Vaal regional leadership that since inception of ERP, which is more than 15 years ago, the residents of Residensia township remain without proper houses, electricity, water and sanitation.

It is appalling that the same group now want to march to our offices against corruption, while their own municipality in Emfuleni is under administration due to corruption and maladministration.

I wish to share with the ANC Vaal region relevant questions about corruption to pose upon arrival at the above mention address:

  • What happened to the money allocated for ERP project?
  • Why does the ANC-led Gauteng not want to release the ERP project report?
  • Who benefited from the project, when it is obvious that, people of Residensia township did not?
  • Why is it that the Premier of Gauteng has not taken action against those responsible, if indeed ANC is fighting against corruption?
  • How come there is no one accounting and taking the responsibility for ERP project?
  • What happened to over R870 million irregularly expenditure?
  • Why is the municipality not fixing raw sewer spillage?
  • What happened to the fund allocated to the development of Vereeniging Taxi Rank?

Mirrors still work, and the ANC Vaal region needs to self -introspect and account for the billions in misused money meant to better the lives of residents.

Midvaal will continue to be accountable and diligent with service delivery projects and it’s administration.

It is my conviction to join forces with anyone fighting corruption and maladministration in government.

I continue to offer assistance to the ANC-Vaal region to draft a memorandum against corruption and further join them to submit it to this address Corner Klasie Havenga & Frikkie Meyer Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark.

-Executive Mayor of Midvaal, Councillor Bongani Baloyi