The ANC – Vaal Region applied to march to Midvaal Local Municipality offices against what they believe is ‘corruption’, as per their media advisory released on the 9 April 2019. Today, I decided to visit areas in the Vaal where ANC governs.

It is shocking that the African National Congress (ANC) in Sedibeng plans a march to our offices against purported corruption, while their very own municipalities such as Emfuleni and Sedibeng are failing to deliver services to its residents due to corruption and maladministration.

Just yesterday, I was reliably informed by a concerned resident of Emfuleni Municipality’s intention to increase property and water rates, sanitation basic charge and usage as well as refuse removal rates. (See Annexure A)

The reality for residents living in ANC-led Emfuleni Municipality is:

  • The municipality owes R1.5 billion for water and electricity, R638 million to water boards and a further R872 million to Eskom.
  • Irregularly expenditure of over R870 million in which could have been used for services delivery projects to improve the lives of the poor.
  • The communities of Sebokeng and Evaton for example, have 1 waste removal truck to service their entire region’s refuse collection.
  • The sewer spillage around Emfuleni is never-ending nightmare for the people of Emfuleni.

Once again it is our people who have to pay for the rising cost of daily incompetence and corruption of the governing party which does not have the capacity to deliver basic services to them.

Surely the time and effort used by the ANC-led Sedibeng to march to an award winning well – governed municipality such as Midvaal, would be better applied towards dealing with vagrant corruption and a collapsed state of administration.

A Midvaal resident currently enjoys living in a municipality which:

  • 100% spending on Municipal Infrastructure Funding in the last 5 years
  • 5 million spent on state of the art Lakeside Sports Complex
  • Vaal Marina Waste Water Works allocated and completed at R3 million
  • Efficient service delivery through well maintained and reliable service equipment and machinery
  • Rated by PMR Africa -Sedibeng Region for the municipality doing the most for job creation among others
  • Completion of Lakeside roads on record time
  • Meyerton Waste Water Treatment Works is 95% completed

Midvaal Municipality prides itself in running a transparent administration which provides high standard service delivery projects to the residents of Midvaal.

This has never been compromised service delivery while we legally and expeditiously deal with allegations of corruption against our own officials.

I look forward to having a tutorial workshop with the ANC - led Vaal Region on the top five guiding pillars for clean governance and its resounding benefits for its people.