Henley on Klip Water Pressure Challenge

Midvaal Local Municipality takes note of continuous reports of a low water pressure situation occurring in some parts of Henley on Klip residential areas. The Municipality would like to indicate its position in response to the matter.

The Municipality’s Engineering Services Department, in partnership with its appointed specialist consulting engineers, commenced with investigations to look broadly into the challenges of low water pressure in affected parts of Henley On Klip residential areas, and to devise a medium- to long-term solution to the problem to prevent it from happening again in future.

The investigation has already started, and made the following progress:

  • The low pressures were first investigated within Henley on Klip by installing loggers at the critical points, average zone point and lowest point of the zone. The logging results indicate that there are no bottle necks caused by closed valves within Henley on Klip.
  • Visible leak detection investigations have also been conducted within Henley on Klip – and there are no visible leaks that may be causing low pressures.
  • The two existing Pressure Reducing Valves stations supplying Henley on Klip (Rand Water Supply and Randvaal Reservoir supply) have been assessed and were found to be functional and not the cause of the low pressure.

The investigations proceeding at the Randvaal Reservoir, which is the main bulk water supply supplying the Henley on Klip affected areas is ongoing. The purpose is to:

  • Establish and ensure that the dedicated supply to Henley on Klip is fully open,
  • Investigate any possible tie-ins from the dedicated supply, which might be the source of low pressure causes in the affected areas of Henley on Klip.

The team is currently investigating the dedicated Main Bulk Water Supply Pipeline from the Randvaal Reservoir to Henley on Klip. The purpose is to investigate each visible and buried valve to ensure that:

  • The valves that must be open are fully open,
  • The boundary valves that must be closed are closed.

The investigation is estimated to be complete in the next two weeks.