Ratings Afrika annually publishes the Municipal Financial Stability Index (MFSI). They define financial stability as “The financial ability to deliver services, develop and maintain the infrastructure required by its residents without unplanned increases in rates and taxes or a reduction in the level of services, and the capacity to absorb financial shocks caused by natural, economic and other adversities without external financial assistance.”

The MFSI is a scoring model that evaluates the operation performance, liabilities

management, budget practices and liquidity position of a municipality and scores these components out of 100.

The Sustainability Index Score for Midvaal for the last number of years (as revised) were as follows:

2013 – 61

2014 – 57

2015 – 59

2016 – 60

2017 – 68

The average score for Gauteng for 2016 is 30 and the national average is 41. Midvaal is the top scoring local municipality in Gauteng for the 2017 financial year.

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