Application to Erect Posters

• Contact Paul Steyn in the Development and Planning Department, on 016 360 7424 or 016 360 7400.

 ID Photos

ID or Passport
The “Application for Display of Posters” must be completed at the Traffic Department (Mr. Alfred Mdakane) accompanied with the following fees and documentation:
Estate Agents - LOCAL  
Registration fees per year – must be applied for before 1 July of each year:
0 - 50 Boards                            R200.00 per year
50 - 80 Boards                          R400.00 per year
80 - 100 Boards                        R600.00 per year
Registered Estate Agents must pay R5.00 per board
Per sticker                                R50.00
Other Posters 
Rental per Poster                      R60.00
Refundable Poster                    R60.00
Posters can only be displayed for 14 (fourteen) days and must be removed within 3 (three) days after the expiry date otherwise the deposit will be forfeited.  The deposit will be paid back within 30 (thirty days).
Rental for a 14 day period          R60.00
Refundable Deposit if Banner is removed within 3 days of expiry date   R60.00
Mr. Mdakane must be contacted to make reservations and to check availability of Banner sites.