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  • Midvaal Half Marathon

    Midvaal Half Marathon

    Join Midvaal Local Municipality for their inaugural Midvaal Half Marathon on 1 October 2017.  Races begin at Hoerskool Dr Malan, Read More
  • Sicelo Protest Update 07 September 2017

    Sicelo Protest Update 07 September 2017

    The municipality wishes to convey its deepest condolences to the Sicelo family who have lost their child due to the Read More
  • City of Taizhou visits Midvaal Local Municipality

    City of Taizhou visits Midvaal Local Municipality

    Midvaal Local Municipality hosted a delegation from City of Taizhou (China) led by Ms Shen Wanru on 17 August 2017. Read More
  • Midvaal Local Municipality conducted a roadshow with the Savanna City residents

    Midvaal Local Municipality conducted a roadshow with the Savanna City residents

    Midvaal Local Municipality conducted a roadshow with the Savanna City residents (subsidised housing section) on 05 August 2017 under the Read More
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Notice Board

R59 Update:

We are all frustrated and inconvenienced by the protest actions in Sicelo.

The municipality has obtained a restraining court interdict to keep the R59 open and safe. It does not have any authority in respect of housing or the policing function. The R59 is a provincial road and the municipality can only enforce traffic rules.

The Public Order Police Service (POPS) has been deployed to enforce the court order.

The R59 highway was closed around midnight on 21 September 2017 as a precautionary safety measure after rocks had been hurled through the window of a passing truck. Trees were felled and barricaded the road. No perpetrators could be found in the dark.

When it was considered safe and the highway was cleared of tree stumps and other debris, it was opened again.

The POPS which has the authority to enforce the mentioned court order, is currently on the scene.

As always, Midvaal acts in the best interest of our entire community.

Proudly Midvaal Greetings.

Midvaal Vacancies

Job seekers are alerted to questionable and fraudulent job advertisements placed on social media.

The perpetrators of this criminal conduct, manipulate job advertisements and provide their own contact details to prospective job applicants.

When contacted by such applicants, they demand money to process the applications. Since desperate job seekers believe that the advertisements are authentic, they are deceived and defrauded.

The municipality will under NO circumstances charge prospective applicants a fee when they apply for work. If you are requested to pay and money for this, you are being deceived by a criminal. Please report such conduct on our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Hotline 086 0268 624.

Consult the municipal website or notice boards for authentic vacancy advertisements. Call the HR office on (016) 360 7409 for verification if required.


Sicelo Protest Update 07 September 2017

The municipality wishes to convey its deepest condolences to the Sicelo family who have lost their child due to the ongoing protest action.

We condemn the current protest action as it is violent and criminal causing more harm and now the loss of an innocent life. Protesters have no right to damage property, intimidate other community members, engage in criminal activities and prevent other members from accessing municipal or government services. The South African Police Services and Public Order Policing are urged to act against these act of criminality with utmost urgency.

During our budget meetings, the municipality together with the community unanimously agreed to improve infrastructure in the Sicelo informal settlement area which has been budgeted for accordingly to be implemented this financial year. The municipality has been stopped from continuing with its infrastructure plans which are going to benefit the community by the self-elected community leaders. It has also come to light that foreign nationals are now at the forefront of the protest causing mayhem and violence in the area. These self-elected community leaders cannot claim to represent the community if their actions result in loss of innocent lives, intimidation and crime.

We wish to call on our Sicelo community to stand united against the so called community leaders who have not been legally appointed and are not representing the needs of the community but are advancing their own selfish reasons which will not yield any positive benefit to our community.


Sicelo Protest Update 06 September 2017

The municipality wishes to communicate progress pertaining to the Sicelo Residents protest action.

The Executive Mayor met with Meyerton SAPS and Public Order Police to get an update on the closure of the R59 and the implementation of the court order obtained by Midvaal local Municipality. The court order prevented community members from closing the R59 and illegally occupying land. At the meeting, discussions were focussed around SAPS and Public Order Police undertaking their obligation of implementing the court order and preventing further closure of R59.

SAPS and POPS are on the ground monitoring the situation and trying to bring stability and open the R59. Numerous arrests have been made and more are expected.

The R59 will remain closed and will only be open if it is safe to do in order to protect our communities.

We urge all road users to check our social media networks for regular updates and use alternative routes until it is safe to travel on the R59.


Protest Update

Dear Residents of Midvaal

The R59 is closed once again due to to rioters protesting. They are unhappy about MEC Paul Mashatile not giving feedback on his promises to provide land to the community.
Midvaal is doing everything within our power to contain the situation and we are working on a solution. Unfortunately we are by law not allowed to interfere with the work of the SAPD and the Public Order Police (POPS) who are on the scene.
We appreciate your support.
Please be safe.

Rand Water Race for Victory

The Rand Water Race for Victory is taking place on 9 September 2017 08H00 - 12h00. The mountain bike race will cross the following public roads - Joan Road at the church and the road behind Heineken Breweries. No road closures.

10 September 2017, 03H00 - 15h00 - Springbok Road/M61 will be closed from Joan Road to Affodil Street (Nana's Cafe) Approximately 4000 riders are expected to participate.



Joos Williamson Road, Meyerton: 315mm Water main upgrade
Temporary Road Closure of Joos Williamson Street from Dani Smal Street to Galloway Street

Notice is hereby given that Joos Williamson Street from Danie Smal Street to Galloway Street will be temporarily closed from the 23rd of August 2017 to the 6th of September 2017. The purpose of road closure is to enable the contractor to mobilize equipment and machinery in order to progress with the construction and laying of the 315 mm water supply pipeline. The construction work to be undertaken consist of excavation of a road open trench, laying of a water main pipe and rehabilitation of the road.
During the road closure, temporary accommodation of traffic will be provided to the commuter’s. Traffic controllers will be in attendance to direct and divert the traffic along the temporary bypass road at Danie Smal Street that leads and re-joins into Galloway Street.
We do apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please contact Midvaal Engineering Services @ 016 360 5806, or 016 360 7502 or 016 360 1567 during office hours: 07:30 to 16:00 Monday to Friday, should you have any further queries in this regard.
Should you have a query outside of these hours, you may contact 016 360 7500 or 083 372 3425 or 071 336 3721.



SAMWU is currently embarking on strike action in respect of a matter that is not a strikeable issue.

The SAMWU demands relate to salaries and wages which are determined at the national level of the SA Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC). The SALGBC comprises of three parties, namely SALGA which represents the employers, and SAMWU and IMATU which represent the employees.

Furthermore, at a feedback meeting in Benoni on 7 August 2017, the SALGBC informed parties to the SALGBC that it has categorised municipalities in terms of their size and has also determined the salary scales for each category of municipality. The only outstanding issue is the implementation thereof. The Midvaal Municipality will have no discretion and will be obliged to implement these determinations by the SALGBC.

In addition, the SALGBC informed municipalities that are remunerating staff outside of these determinations (so-called rogue municipalities), that they will have to implement corrective measures to comply.

The Midvaal staff have been informed of these developments and directives.

The on-going protest action has resulted in service delivery interruptions and vandalising of municipal infrastructure.

We apologise to our communities for the inconvenience and frustration they are confronted with during this protest time.

MEDIA RELEASE 2017/08/10

SAMWU has embarked on a protected strike against Midvaal Local Municipality, starting today 10 August 2017 for an undetermined duration. While there are claims that the strike is due to poor working conditions and maladministration, the primary reason behind the commencement of the strike was the request to have the entire municipality regraded to a higher category municipality.

Management of Midvaal Local Municipality has communicated the processes of regrading to all staff members. In terms of the Main Collective Agreement, the matter of salaries and wages is decided upon by the South African Local Government Bargaining Council [SALGBC] at national level. The categorisation of municipalities and relevant pay scales have already been approved by the SALGBC, of which the roll out and implementation must still be finalised.

Given these developments at national level, it is clear that the dispute being pursued by the local/regional SAMWU against this municipality is being addressed by the SALGBC.

Midvaal Local Municipality does not support neither sexual harassment nor racism, hence serious action was and will be taken against any employee found guilty thereof.

It is unfortunate that mere allegations are now becoming the loose threads used to unweave a tapestry of proven transparent governance of a leading municipality. Midvaal Local Municipality has confidence that this matter will be handled with the respect it deserves, thereby ensuring accountability to all its stakeholders.


Latest update on SAMWU strike - download

Download the Public Notice regarding Investigation of the Feasibility of an External Service Delivery Mechanism in respect of the Electricity Distribution Services here

Midvaal's new Call Centre is now officially open.  Contact us:

Call: 0861 MIDVAAL (0861 643 8225)

Whatsapp: 064 582 6466

SMS: 38225



Midvaal secures court order against R59 violence - download


Awards and Achievements

  • Midvaal Local Municipality achieved a clean audit for the 2015/2016 financial year
  • Midvaal Local Municipality was ranked as the top performing municipality in Gauteng in the 2015 Annual Municipal Financial Sustainability Index compiled by Ratings Afrika
  • Midvaal received the 1st place award in the category Overall Service to Residents by Municipalities for the 2015 awards
  • Midvaal Local Municipality achieved a clean audit for the 2014/2015 financial year
  • Midvaal Local Municipality was ranked as the top performing municipality in Gauteng in the 2014 Annual Municipal Financial Sustainability Index compiled by Ratings Afrika
  • Midvaal Local Municipality won the award for “The institution doing the most to clean the environment” in the 2014 Sedibeng Regional Survey Business Excellence Awards, conducted by PMR Africa
  • Midvaal Local Municipality achieved a clean audit for the 2013/2014 financial year
  • Midvaal Local Municipality was awarded Blue Drop Status for 2014